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Business Owner Spotlight: Sherrun Ellison

“Dayton is kind of like a healthcare desert,” says Sherrun Ellison, founder of Cincinnati-based Walton Mobile Health Care Solutions. “My model is to bring healthcare to [residents], so they get quality care and don’t have extremely high wait times.”


How one nurse practitioner-turned-entrepreneur is breaking down barriers in health care 


By Malik Keith, Elevate Dayton


In the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, an estimated 41% of U.S. adults delayed or avoided medical care due to fears of exposure and concerns about cost. 


It was during this difficult time that Sherrun Ellison’s business began to take off. A Dayton native, Ellison is co-founder and CEO of Walton Mobile Health Care Solutions, whose mission is to remove the barriers that exist between patients and their healthcare providers and offer quality, convenient and affordable healthcare to people who otherwise don’t have access.


According to the company’s website, patients have direct access to and communicate directly with providers using whatever form of communication they desire “whether it be a face to face visit, a phone call, a text message, or even a video chat to access your provider at most anytime."


Patients also “won’t spend hours at the office waiting for the provider because each patient gets 30 minutes to an hour, and there will never be a “one problem” limit during your visit,” the company promises.


“It really is about relationship building and trust,” Ellison says.


Ellison graduated from Stivers School for the arts before receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati. She also earned her master’s degree from Ohio University. She initially wanted to be an obstetrician, but discovered she wanted to take a path that gave her a more direct relationship with her patients. This inspired her to become a nurse practitioner and, eventually, to start her own mobile health care business.


“Dayton is kind of like a healthcare desert,” Ellison says. “My model is to bring healthcare to [residents], so they get quality care and don’t have extremely high wait times.”


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Nurse practitioners are trained, licensed, and independent healthcare clinicians who concentrate on managing patients' health conditions by treating injuries and illnesses, as well as supporting injury and disease prevention.


Ellison takes extra precautions when visiting the homes of patients, such as wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), but she also has been able to introduce many of her patients to telehealth.


“People who had not used telehealth before were using it for the first time,” Ellison said. “A good provider can ask specific questions to diagnose a patient.”


Walton Mobile Health Care Solutions provides care through memberships that ultimately help patients save money without compromising the quality of care they recieve, Ellison said. Her business also provides healthcare services to small businesses and universities as well as free services to shelters and schools, including check-ups and vaccinations, through partnerships in Cincinnati and Dayton. 


“A lot of times the level of care people recieve is based on medicare or insurance,” Ellison added. “I think a window of opportunity is open to create solutions and use mobile care and telehealth as a tool for prevention.”

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