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Dayton's 2024 Economic Focus: Navigating Workforce Challenges

By Nate Dillard



The Big Picture: Dayton's economic landscape in 2024 is primarily focused on addressing workforce issues, with an emphasis on the scarcity of skilled labor. The region is strategizing ways to both attract and retain skilled workers, acknowledging the pivotal role of workforce development in its economic growth, according to the Dayton Daily News.


Zoom In: Julie Sullivan of the Dayton Development Coalition underscores the critical role of job creation in attracting talent, highlighting the potential of high-profile projects like Intel and Honda to boost the region's appeal. A comprehensive strategy is in play, focusing on education, workforce development alignment with industry needs, and addressing structural barriers like housing and childcare.


Between the Lines: The affordable housing challenge emerges as a significant hurdle in attracting workers. Dave Dickerson from Miller Valentine Construction points out the need for more affordable housing options to facilitate talent retention and attraction.


Labor Market Trends: The current labor force participation rate lingers below pre-pandemic levels, indicating a smaller pool of potential workers. Challenges in finding skilled labor have been exacerbated by COVID-19, affecting older workers and women, particularly due to childcare issues.


Educational Solutions: Addressing the skills gap through education is highlighted as a key solution. Montgomery County, for instance, has invested in various job training initiatives, demonstrating the crucial role local governments play in workforce development.


One Digital Work Angle: This economic landscape aligns closely with the focus of Elevate Dayton's "One Digital Work" Editorial Campaign, which aims to bridge the workforce gap for underrepresented communities. By highlighting the disparities in job opportunities and the impact of emerging technologies such as AI, "One Digital Work" complements regional efforts to develop a diverse and tech-savvy workforce. This campaign is a critical step towards ensuring equitable access to opportunities and preparing the Dayton community for the evolving demands of the modern job market.

The Bottom Line: Dayton's 2024 economic outlook hinges on tackling workforce challenges. With a multifaceted approach involving education, training, and addressing living costs, the region aims to cultivate a skilled and diverse labor pool, vital for its sustained economic health and inclusivity. The "One Digital Work" campaign by Elevate Dayton plays a pivotal role in this endeavor, focusing on empowering underrepresented groups and aligning with the region's broader economic strategies.



One Digital Work is an editorial campaign powered by the One Digital Dayton digital ecosystem, a hub where job seekers and small business owners can find the essential jobs and support services they need to thrive and grow.

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