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Dayton's Next Leap: Joby Aviation to Create 2,000 Jobs and a $500M Flying Car Plant

By Nate Dillard


The Big Picture: Joby Aviation Inc. is set to revolutionize Dayton's aviation legacy with a $500 million investment to build electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, commonly termed as "flying cars." This pioneering venture, near Dayton International Airport, aims to create 2,000 jobs by 2028, cementing Dayton's status in aviation history, according to Dayton Daily News.


Zoom In:


  • Location & Investment: The facility, on a 140-acre site, will start operations in an existing building, expanding to new construction. The project, supported by up to $325 million in state and local incentives, eyes an annual output of 500 aircraft.


  • Employment Impact: Average salaries are expected around $70,000, bolstering the local economy.


  • Company Vision: Joby Aviation, led by JoeBen Bevirt, seeks to integrate flight into daily life, echoing the Wright Brothers' legacy in Dayton.


State & Local Incentives: Ohio offers substantial incentives, with additional support from the U.S. Department of Energy recognizing the project as a clean energy initiative.


What We're Watching:


  • Construction Timeline: Set to commence next year, the plant begins operations in 2025.


  • Growth Potential: The site can accommodate a 2 million square foot manufacturing complex.


  • Job Applications: Interested candidates can apply at


Between the Lines:


  • Strategic Location: Proximity to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, a hub for research and development, played a key role in Joby's decision.


  • Risks and Rewards: State leaders acknowledge the venture's risks, balancing them against the potential to lead in a new market.

The Community Angle: This venture not only promises job creation and economic upliftment but also positions Dayton as a forefront player in sustainable transportation technologies. It holds particular significance for BIPOC communities, offering new employment opportunities and a chance to be part of a cutting-edge industry right in Dayton.


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