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Evolution in Dayton: A Local News Pioneer Embraces the Digital Age

By Nate Dillard


The big picture: Donerik G. Black, editor of the Dayton Weekly News, announced the paper's transition from print to a digital-first format, in response to evolving media landscapes and business challenges, according to the letter by the Editor of the Dayton Weekly News.


Catch up quickly: The Dayton Weekly News has served Dayton's African American community for three decades. It was founded in 1993 by Don G. Black to fill a gap in local media, providing a platform for African American voices.


What's happening: Faced with rising production and distribution costs and a shift in the way consumers access news, the newspaper will transition from a weekly print edition to an online format.


Between the lines: While traditional print is being phased out, the team acknowledges the value readers place on physical editions. To balance, they're introducing a monthly print edition featuring highlights from the digital content.


Zoom in: The new digital format will include regular online content and a digital weekly edition delivered to subscribers' email. This shift will allow the paper to produce more content, cover more stories, and reach a broader audience.


Zoom out: The print media industry has been grappling with similar challenges nationwide. Dayton Weekly News' move mirrors trends in a larger media landscape, emphasizing digital content while retaining a physical presence.


What's next: Current print subscribers will be moved to the new plan with weekly digital access and a monthly printed special edition. The complete transition is set to coincide with the paper's 30th anniversary in November.


The bottom line: The digital transition is a strategic move aimed at ensuring the paper's longevity while expanding its reach and remaining a key community voice.


The community angle: For Dayton's African American and underrepresented communities, Dayton Weekly News has long been a trusted source of local news, a platform for community voices, and an advocate for equality and justice. This digital transition aims to enhance the paper's ability to empower these communities with more stories, more coverage, and more interaction. In the ever-evolving media landscape, Dayton Weekly News is not only adapting but doubling down on its commitment to these communities.

This article originally appeared on Dayton Weekly News and republished through its partnership with Elevate Dayton.

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