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Healthcare & Tech: Future-Proof Careers for Today's Students Amid AI Revolution

By Nate Dillard


The big picture: According to a new MLIV Pulse study, investors advise high school kids to pursue jobs in technology and healthcare since these fields are less likely than others to be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, reports Bloomberg.


By the numbers: In contrast, 52% of 556 professional investors and 48% of 122 retail investors recommend technology for high school graduates, according to the 678 respondents who believe that employment in the healthcare industry are best suited for primary school students.


Between the lines: It is anticipated that there will be an increase in need for healthcare professionals as a result of an aging population, while skills in technology will continue to be essential as digital platforms continue to dominate.


The bottom line: The study results indicate that careers in healthcare and technology will continue to be in high demand, even if it is yet unclear how artificial intelligence will affect the job market.


The community angle: This information can be helpful in guiding future educational and career planning initiatives for BIPOC and underrepresented populations in Dayton, Ohio. This will ensure that these communities have access to opportunities that lead to stable and meaningful jobs in expanding industries.

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