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How Coalitions Across Ohio are Organizing Against Issue 1 in the Upcoming Special Election

By Alicia Payne, Contributing Writer 


Ohioans are uniting in opposition to Issue 1, a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in the upcoming special election on Aug. 8, 2023. Recognizing the significance of this amendment and its potential impact on Ohio's democratic process, a growing coalition of Ohio voters have come together on a Facebook group called "Ohioans Against Issue 1" to inform and emphasize the importance of voting "No." 


At the heart of Issue 1 is modifying the requirement for passing future constitutional amendments in Ohio. The current procedure for passing constitutional amendments requires a simple majority of 50% plus one vote. If Issue 1 is approved, it will increase the threshold for passing constitutional amendments to 60% of the electorate. This change has garnered support from several conservative organizations, including the Ohio Chamber of Commerce and The Christian Alliance. Notable Republican elected officials in the state, including Gov. Mike DeWine, have also backed Issue 1. 


Despite the support from some elected Republicans, a growing coalition of Ohioans stands firmly against Issue 1. The "Ohioans against Issue 1" Facebook group serves as a platform for 14,000-plus members to unite, share information and mobilize opposition. They understand the potential consequences of raising the threshold for passing constitutional amendments and are committed to preserving the current requirement of a simple majority.


One of the primary concerns raised by the "Ohioans Against Issue 1" Facebook group is the potential erosion of democratic principles. Group members claim that increasing the threshold to 60% would make it significantly harder for Ohioans to exercise their democratic rights and have their voices heard. It could create a situation where a minority of voters can effectively block any future constitutional amendments, hindering progress and stifling the will of the majority. 


The coalition is concerned about the impact on future policy changes. Issue 1 could impede necessary reforms and updates to Ohioans' laws and constitution by making the process more challenging to pass constitutional amendments. It may hinder efforts to address pressing issues, such as health care, education, or criminal justice reform, which require broad public support for meaningful change.


The "Ohioans Against Issue 1" Facebook group firmly believes in a fair and accessible democratic process. Group members assert that the current requirement of a simple majority adequately represents the will of the people and ensures that constitutional amendments reflect the majority's sentiment. Issue 1, they contend, would introduce unnecessary barriers and limit the power of Ohioans to shape their state's future.


As the special election approaches on Aug. 8, "Ohioans Against Issue 1" is working tirelessly to spread awareness and encourage voters in the state to reject this proposed constitutional amendment. They are engaged in various activities, such as organizing town hall meetings, distributing informational materials and reaching out to local communities to ensure voters understand the potential consequences of passing Issue 1.


In conclusion, the upcoming special election in Ohio presents a crucial opportunity for voters across the state to unite and reject Issue 1. The "Ohioans Against Issue 1" Facebook group is informing voters about the potential consequences of this proposed change to the constitution. They want to protect the current requirement of a simple majority to uphold democratic principles. Together, they aim to ensure that Issue 1 is rejected and that the majority's voice is heard.

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