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Humans of the Arcade: Ashley Macy

The “Humans of the Arcade” series is a collection of portraits and interviews developed to highlight the people associated with the Dayton Arcade project. The series was designed by lead developer Cross Street Partners to give a glimpse into the personal lives of the people who are making the Arcade’s restoration come to life. This installment of “Humans of the Arcade” focuses on Ashley Macy reconciling with her past and how she’s improving her future.

“It's taken me a long time to get here and like myself, to be okay. I'm not okay with everything I've done. But I know there's a difference from me then to me now. Aztec (Services Group) gave me a chance. They know my story. I'm very open with them, I'm very honest. They ask me, they're encouraging. They support me. I have a child and I'm trying to get my other child. I live in transitional housing, I'm trying to, you know, better my life. And they've given me the opportunity.

Yeah, I've been in prison. It sucks, but I've been there. You don't know who needs to hear my story. Or what their opportunities are going to be. And if it wasn't for Aztec helping me, Linda Vista helping me, Nova helping me... I probably would be dead.”

Ashley Macy - Demolition, Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services

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