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“The Death of a Lie” returns for encore performance

By Ariel Parker, The ONEIL Center

After a sold-out debut, “The Death of a Lie” is back for an encore performance. The play will return to the Dayton Art Institute on Sunday, March 8, 2020, at 1:30 p.m.

“The Death of a Lie” is the theatrical performance of a book written by Phillitia Charlton with the same name based on events from her upbringing. The play follows the journey of a little girl in foster care dealing with abandonment to becoming unapologetic in her strength and self-confidence.

“It was amazing to have a sold-out show,” said Charlton on bringing her book to life on stage. She also said the debut performance provided more than 120 tickets to at-risk youth, foster care families and Central State University Youth Works. Again, the proceeds from ticket sales will go to these groups as well as to youth and senior participants at Wesley Community Center. CareSource will sponsor more than 100 free tickets for the encore show, which will feature six new cast members.

Charlton said adapting her book to the stage was a work in progress, and added, “I learned to value the importance of the cast and the team. I wrote the story alone but I am blessed to tell it with a collective voice.”

To get the performance off the ground, Charlton extended her talents beyond the stage. “I learned that I had to invest in seeking professional services, apply for grants and market the play in a way that tells the story and encourages others to connect to the story,” she said.

Charlton plans to have four more shows this year.

Tickets are sold on Eventbrite or at Theze Dealz, 3183 W. Siebenthaler Ave., Suite C, Dayton, OH 45406. No tickets will be sold at the door or at the Dayton Art Institute.

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