The Mays Talk podcast partners with Elevate Dayton


Elevate Dayton is excited to announce an official partnership with The Mays Talk, a bi-weekly podcast focused on the topics of black love, self-awareness and the power of couple and marital cohesiveness.

About the hosts

The podcast is hosted by the soon-to-be married couple Clarence Mays (DJ Carl) and Morgan Gee. Mays and Gee are both active within the Dayton black community. Morgan is the founder of the All 8’s Skate group. Clarence is a DJ, music producer and composer who has worked on projects with artist like Yung Bleu and Lil Boosie. Their show discusses how having a healthy romantic relationship makes them stronger in their professional and social lives outside of love.

Check out the first episode of The Mays Talk podcast by visiting the audio links below!

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